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Important Tax Dates

15 Jan

Individual 1040 EST. Tax PMT.

31 Jan

W-2s, 1099's, 1098's Due for Mailing to recipients. 941, 943, 945, 940 & SUTA

15 Feb

New Form W-4.

01 Mar

File PERS. PROP. Tax W County and City

15 Mar

Corporations File 1120. S Corporations File 1120s or file 6 Mo extension. Furnish K-1 to shareholders. File form 2553s election.

31 Mar

Electronically file 1040. Pay tax or file 6 Mo. EXT form 4868.

15 Apr

File 1040 or file 6 mo extension. 1065 due or file 6 mo extension. 1040-ex 1st QTR estimated tax. 941 Tax Dep. Partnerships file form 1065 & furnish k-1 to each partner or file extension. Corp's deposit 1st installment of 2013 estimated tax.

30 Apr

Payroll tax returns, form 941, TN SUTA.

15 Jun

Individual 1040-es 2nd QTR tax due. Corporations 2nd installment of est. tax.

31 Jul

Second quater payroll tax 941.

15 Sep

Extended 1065, 1120, and 1120S due. Corporations deposit 3rd installment of EST Tax. Individual 1040-ES 3rd QTR tax due.

15 Oct

Extended 1040's due.

31 Oct

3rd QTR payroll tax, SUTA.

01 Nov

Property taxes due between now and February 28th, some counties or cities may be due by January 31st.

15 Dec

Corporations Deposit 4th installment of EST tax.