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If we only knew then what we know now when we opened our doors...!!

Starting a business is hard. Despite careful planning, there are always surprises along the way. Looking back, we all can identify those 'aha' moments where we learned key business principles, identified good mentors or discovered shortcuts to ease the complexity of operating a professional practice. One especially helpful tool that I remember was the discovery of the Medical & Dental Income and Expenses Averages, published for Members of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants. An index of Key Practice averages for almost any specialty on the planet, it allows us to look at expense and revenue line items by any medical or dental specialty and use this information to better advise clients. Another thing I have learned over the years is not to hire cheap! Spending a little more for qualified and experienced, mature individuals, has made all the difference in pivotal roles over the years. I urge you to share your top 2 or 3 'best-practice' discoveries or revelations that you have found to take your practice to the next level......we appreciate you! Gary Grubb, MBA, Mahan Educational Services Director.