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Tax Preparation

“The only thing certain in life is Death & Taxes.” - Ben Franklin

At Mahan & Associates LLC we don’t take such a gloomy outlook. A large part of our practice is tax compliance. It is very important to comply with all the tax laws. But it is our responsibility to take advantage of every lawful tax deduction that you are entitled to! We believe we are different from most other tax preparers, who can be just a glorified “form-filler-outer”. Our philosophy is to stay energized about applying the tax laws to your best lawful advantage in order to maximize tax avoidance through tax planning and due diligence, not just preparation! Our qualified Tax Professionals practice that approach with every tax return we prepare. Our team includes Enrolled Agents who are persons licensed by the U.S. government to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

Why Consider Us For Your Tax Preparation?

It really comes down to just one key point:

We are proactive in applying the tax code to your advantage as a healthcare professional and are uniquely qualified to do so in the industry. We know the many interrelated aspects of medical and dental practices including proper operating overhead allocation, property ownership and lease considerations for equipment and buildings, as well as depreciation schedules for doctors and equipment used to deliver patient service.

Since we typically provide Pension and HR/Payroll services to our clients and know both the practice and personal goals for our clients, it gives us the big picture of how all of the moving parts impact tax planning and practice growth.

Finally, both practice and personal assets are carefully reviewed to assure that our tax planning service serves to further protect our client’s hard-earned personal wealth.

As part of our tax preparation due diligence, we ask additional questions regarding your tax situation that are important in yielding additional deductions. We stay energized about the preparation of your returns.

Our tax preparation and compliance consists of five primary steps:

  1. Accumulation of tax data.
  2. Initial application of data and review for omissions and changes from previous year, questions to client.
  3. Answers to questions, completion of tax data input.
  4. Initial Review for tax law compliance, more questions if needed.
  5. Strategic Tax Planning Review, more questions if needed.

Steps four and five are completed by different reviewers!

The final point of why you should consider Mahan & Associates LLC for your tax return preparation is that we assure that you have proper documentation to support all tax returns. This is the basis for any and all properly prepared returns. In recent years, the IRS has “stepped up” its scrutiny on the qualifications of tax preparers. Mahan & Associates LLC has always met the qualifications and performed the necessary due diligence and training / certification that the IRS is just recently starting to require, putting us ahead of the game!

We go to great lengths to educate our clients on how proper and thorough tax planning can make a significant difference as compared to other preparers who do not specialize in our industry.

This commitment to education is both on an individual basis in one-on-one tax planning sessions with clients AND publicly each year where we conduct a major complimentary year-end workshop to educate our clients and others about the current tax laws, changes to come, and year-end strategies to maximize their tax and asset protection situation.

The next step is yours. Call us today for a consultation on your specific tax situation and we will show you the best way to organize, plan and realize the benefits of having an industry-specific partner on your side when it comes to taxes.We think Ben Franklin would be pleased with the results.

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