Wednesday, May 3rd - Learn How to go Head to Head with Corporate Dentistry
Join us for dinner at the Mahan Conference Center, 6 pm . Call 615-883-7800 for details and registration. (2 CE's)

Byron V. Bush, DDS

Having practiced dentistry in the Nashville area for the past thirty years, I was referred to Mahan & Associates more than twenty years ago. I have never regretted it!

My wife and I have worked closely with Garland Mahan over the years along with their various staff and professionals who have more than paid for their services. Their guidance has been invaluable to us and we look forward to our meetings with them. Not only have they saved us money, we consider them our friends.

I heartily recommend Mahan & Associates to any health-care professional seeking a custom-based approach to navigating through the confusing and ever-changing financial maze. Whatever stage your practice is at; I believe it would benefit you to explore the many services offered by Mahan & Associates!

- Byron V. Bush, DDS